uXe update

Well, after some persons want me to show the progress of my DBP entry (which now i’m sure won’t be 100% ready for july 2), i can show you a screen of the effect me and my friend (loulou again!!!) we integrated today. It’s just a simple integration of the Particle3DSample from creators club, but, hey, it’s working great, it renders nice, and with some slight modifications, fit perfectly to our needs. Screenshot and svn adress with more đŸ™‚

Svn server, where anonymous can take a look at the work in progress source code. You’ll need XNA and VC# Express to get it running.
Use this command : svn checkout http://uxe.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ uxe

(This source code still uses large part of Xna5D, mostly the GUI Part, thanks to John Sedlak for his awesome job)
(And it uses a lot of code from the sample from Creators Club)

and here is the screenshot


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