First Trys with XNA

Oh, this post was forgotten ! I begun to write it at the beginning of the year 🙂

Ok, you might want to know what XNA is ? That’s the framework Microsoft released last week for indie game developper, to create game, easily, quickly, both on Xbox 360 and pc. You can get some more info here.

I’m just gonna give some feelings about XNA, then, in next posts, i’ll talk about what i’m working on (yep, the next next generation universal game, who will bring peace on earth).

– Integration into VC# Express, it’s really great, its as much integrated as the .net framework, xna guys made a great job on this part.
– The power of C#, both on PC and Xbox 360 (no more memory management !!)
– All the code you write is almost the same on both platform.
– Great Framework, taking care of all annoying things (windows management, content pipeline)

– No Real Integration with VS complete (miss the Content Pipeline on full editions)
– Almost only C# (not a problem for me anyway)
– Requires a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, and another one to Creators Club to run your stuff on Xbox
– No network on Xbox for the moment. (Xbox Compact Framework is still incomplete, and a few bugs remains)
– That’s all 🙂


  1. Pico----- says:

    So … when can we see some results ?

    have fun !

  2. jbriguet says:

    héhé, we can see some results right now, but only for developpers 🙂