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Yep, in english this time 🙂

I’m pretty sure you know this feeling, when you know you’ve missed something. Something great. I heard this morning, going to work, a song i already heard a few time. Still unknown to my musical culture, i remembered lyrics, to check on google. I now got the artist’s name, song’s name, that was Etrange by Dobacaracol (I know, their website is just awful).

So as i knew it was an canadian band, i tought, maybe they’ll come in France. I wouldn’t think that again, they were 2 weeks ago like 100km from home. Twice….

Right now, juste the videoclip of the song i heard.

Few months ago, i missed the concert of Les Cowboys Fringants, just because i tought it wasn’t so good, just because it was 300km away. I thought I wouldn’t miss no more little concert. Missed again. (And a video again)

Les Tit’Nassels

Yops, a post in french 😉

J’ai recement été au concert des Tit’Nassels, un groupe roannais, qui merite vraiment le coup d’oreille. Je n’arrive pas a definir exactement dans quel style de musique on pourrait classifier ce qu’ils font. C’est a la fois melodieux, triste et drole fonction de la chanson, mais aussi extrement rêveur. Bref, c’est bon, mangez en. Je vous mets une petite video amateur, trouvée sur youtube.

No way, i said in english, i can do it in english. So, i was rencently at the concert of Les Tit’Nassels, a french band, which i think, need to be known. I can’t exactly define what kind of music it is, sounds like a mix of melodious french music, sounds sad and happy, depends what song you’re listening, but, mainly, it’s dreamy. It’s the kind of music which make me feels far far far away. Bref (how to say it in english ?), that’s good, listen. A tiny shakycam youtube video under.

Golden Brown

I also found a name and some lyrics for that other great song available in the Snatch OST : Golden Brown by The Stranglers. Enjoy.

The Bard’s Song

Hopla, i recently discovered Blind Guardian, especially this live song.
Listen the audience, they’re singing the whole song. Just awesome.