Yep, in english this time 🙂

I’m pretty sure you know this feeling, when you know you’ve missed something. Something great. I heard this morning, going to work, a song i already heard a few time. Still unknown to my musical culture, i remembered lyrics, to check on google. I now got the artist’s name, song’s name, that was Etrange by Dobacaracol (I know, their website is just awful).

So as i knew it was an canadian band, i tought, maybe they’ll come in France. I wouldn’t think that again, they were 2 weeks ago like 100km from home. Twice….

Right now, juste the videoclip of the song i heard.

Few months ago, i missed the concert of Les Cowboys Fringants, just because i tought it wasn’t so good, just because it was 300km away. I thought I wouldn’t miss no more little concert. Missed again. (And a video again)

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